Doxology: Brian Holers’s Debut Novel

Doxology, the debut novel from author Brian Holers, is available in both paperback and digital format now! Fathers, sons and brothers reconnect over tragedy in this blue-collar Southern tale of love, loss and the healing power of community and family. Doxology examines an impossibly difficult...

Brian Holers

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Life is Art

A common stereotype tells us a true artist is tortured. Has us believe that, in order to create works of art from a variety of experience, to make something out of nothing, an artist must figuratively wrestle with demons, must go inside him- or herself to a dark place where anyone with sense would refuse to go; and that, by doing so, an artist is irreparably altered to the extent he or she will never function in polite society again. …

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What exactly does this mean?

I saw this sign in my neighborhood today. Any guesses as to what it means? I mean, there’s a 99 percent chance anyone who reads that sign, is part of the 99 percent. So what is it saying? Support yourself? Get a job? If you already have a job, keep working? It just seems redundant, or obvious, I’m not sure which. Or is it intended for the rare (about 1 in 100) 1-percenter who happens by? And if so, how …

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At Thanksgiving dinner this year, my wife told everyone at the table what she was thankful for, and proceeded to ask our son and his friends to do the same.  As the answers poured out—Xbox, ice cream, legos, I began to prepare my own response.  My first thought was to express my gratitude that we only have one more year to put up with our handsome, charming, and in-over-his-head President, but in the interest of harmony, I held my tongue.  …

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Race and leadership

Writing essays gives me opportunity to think about lots of things that happen in our world, and the chance to help frame debate by offering insights into events many of us experience.  So often we see things and hear things and read about things we don’t like, that bother us, that make us want to throw our hands up in exasperation.  We know something is desperately wrong with a situation but we can’t put our finger on exactly what it …

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Who says there’s a war on the middle class?

When I decided to start writing this blog, I got out a bunch of pieces of paper (anyone who knows me knows how much I love lists!) and started making notes on a variety of subjects that came to mind.  Sure, a lot of what I do is tell stories, different things that have happened to me or people I know, and I am more or less an expert on those things.  Writing about them and making them interesting is …

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              I recently read about a Rasmussen poll which said 11 percent of American voters believe communism is morally superior to capitalism.  Seven times as many, or 77 percent, say capitalism is superior, which I guess is good news.  However, thirteen percent were undecided (yes I know this adds up to 101 percent, I’m just reading the numbers.)  What this poll says is that nearly a quarter of American voters either prefer communism to capitalism, or are unsure which is morally …

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